To act on behalf of the OCC members, Board of Directors and citizens of Ottawa as a leading independent voice towards advocacy and proactive policy development in order to impact and influence positive economic development in the City of Ottawa.

Partnering with other key stakeholders in the City of Ottawa, along with the Board of Directors, OCC staff and other committees, to stimulate an environment of sustainable economic growth in our Nation’s Capital.



• Advocate on our members’ behalf;

• Proactively develop and effectively communicate policy issues on an ongoing basis that results in.positive economic growth for OCC members and business at large in Ottawa;

• Work with key stakeholders in Ottawa including City of Ottawa, Invest Ottawa, Ottawa Tourism, BIA’s and other Chambers in the City to collaborate on developing economic growth opportunities;

• Lobby against any proposed new taxes or regulations that may impair economic growth in Ottawa;

• Promote the role of the OCC to key external audiences, OCC members and partners, including all.levels of government, local business and the media.